SEERhealth Strengthens Lead Qualification with Inbound Marketing Automation and Puma Creative

SEERhealth appeals to a fairly niche market. They needed to establish both brand recognition, and a way to educate their prospective audience on their offerings and their industry as a whole.

SEERhealth works with healthcare delivery systems to modernize and reengineer their quality assurance operations. While their foremost objective with any client is to ensure the consistent delivery of high quality patient care, their solutions also seek to improve revenue, lower administrative costs, enhance risk management, simplify provider/ network relations, and maintain regulatory compliance.


exceeding original leads goals

10 percent

lead conversion rate reached


landing page conversion rate above the industry standard


About SEERhealth

SEERhealth works with healthcare delivery systems to modernize and reengineer their quality assurance operations.

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A Strategically Targeted Inbound Marketing Automation Approach

SEERhealth uses inbound marketing to build trust, foster relationships, and drive credibility within the healthcare community. In order to achieve these goals, SEERhealth needed to produce and present the right educational resources to the appropriate audience, exactly when they needed it. Only when the healthcare community was benefiting from their efforts would SEERhealth be able to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their leads and customers.

Every month, SEERhealth produces a series of premium content offers such as eBooks, narrated presentations, and white papers. SEERhealth and HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Puma Creative worked together to develop a marketing plan for each set of offers. This includes a top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel offers centered on a particular theme or service offering. Subsequently, the firm’s members write 8-12 blog posts related to the topic to drive traffic and promote the concepts and ultimate offers. Puma Creative then assists in driving lead conversions by creating effective Smart Calls-to-Action (CTA) and lead nurturing Marketing Automation Workflows.

For example, if a prospect reads a blog post from SEERhealth on “Best Practices for Healthcare Provider Onboarding,” they will be presented with a CTA for the introductory or top of the funnel eBook on provider onboarding. Once they have download the eBook, they are entered into a workflow that will automatically send them an email five days later with a suggestion to read other related blog posts from SEERhealth that also focus on provider onboarding. At the end of those posts, the CTA dynamically adjusts based on the previous interactions a specific prospect has engaged in within their blog site. For example, if a prospect has recently downloaded the top-of-the-funnel content offer, they will be presented with a CTA advertising the intermediate or middle-of-the-funnel offer, and so on.

For SEERhealth, it is important to have relevant and compelling content available for prospects spanning all stages of the sales funnel. Rachel Cogar, from Puma Creative says, “As our prospects are responding to our content, we want to be prepared and ready to guide them through the topical areas in which they are specifically interested. If we publish a top-of-the-funnel offer and we do not have the subsequent material to support it, it makes it more difficult to guide them through the lead maturation process.”



By setting up workflows that trigger HubSpot’s Email Marketing tool, SEERhealth is able to direct leads towards Landing Pages with offers that are relevant to their interests and where they are in their research process. By using interactive–targeting, effective nurturing, and high-quality content offerings, SEERhealth consistently achieves Landing Page conversion rates averaging 30+% with many pages reaching conversion rates exceeding 60%—substantially higher than the targeted 15% conversion rates generally found within the industry.


"Focusing our content and interactions with prospects based upon their interests and needs allows our firm to form a meaningful relationship with a prospect from the outset."

Anthony Begando, CEO, SEERhealth