TWIT: Google Mobile Algorithm, Facebook Under Fire, and OnePlus Data Collection

Oct 15, 2017 6:49:14 PM

goog.pngWelcome to the latest installment of This Week in Tech, our weekly series dedicated to SEO, SEM, and every acronym under the sun. Today’s blog will take a look at Google’s latest algorithmic update, examine why Facebook now finds itself under fire from advertisers, and breakdown OnePlus’ latest plan to ease concerns about their data-collecting practices.

Google Mobile Algorithm Update

It’s been a big week over in Mountain View, Ca. First there was chatter about a suspected Google algorithmic update on Columbus Day, and now SEOers everywhere are obsessed with rumors Google has stepped up their mobile first index tests. Our friends at SEO Roundtable pulled mobile-specific data from a variety of sources, including Accuranker, Cognitive SEO, Advanced Web Rankings, and SEM Rush. While some of the results were mixed, like swings occurring within days of each other, one thing was abundantly clear – Google is up to something. 

For further insight, read the full analysis over at SEO Round Table.  

Facebook Under Fire

Over the past several years, we’ve heard marketing firm after marketing firm praise Facebook advertising for their advanced targeting features. And, make no mistake, the types of data you can isolate when creating a desired audience is staggering. There’s only one problem (but it’s a big one) -- their data may not be accurate.

Advertising group Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) recently conducted a report on the matter and found major discrepancies when compared to other data from independent research and censuses. Take for example Facebook’s 2016 report that outlined potential “reach” for the state of New York. Their figure was actually 42% higher than the total population. VAB’s findings may have called out Facebook alone, but have sense sparked a much wider conversation about similar problems with other advertising platforms, including the Goog. 

Read more over at CNBC.

OnePlus Limiting Data Collection

Sure, all phones collect a ton of personal data about our lives, but Android handset-maker OnePlus seems to have taken things to a whole new level. It was discovered earlier this month that not only was the company collecting massive amounts of data, but they were doing so without the permission of users and without telling them what was happening. Phone numbers, WiFi connection info, lists of every app ever opened, and much more data were being collected on every phone used.

After a healthy amount of public backlash, OnePlus appears to be changing its tune. Co-Founder Carl Pei insists that an upcoming update to their OxygenOS system will at least allow users to opt-out of the program: 

“By the end of October, all OnePlus phones running OxygenOS will have a prompt in the setup wizard that asks users if they want to join our user experience program. The setup wizard will clearly indicate that the program collects usage analytics. In addition, we will include a terms of service agreement that further explains our analytics collection. We would also like to share we will no longer be collecting telephone numbers, MAC Addresses and WiFi information.”

H/T Slashgear 

Well, that’s it for this week’s installment. We’ll join you again next week when we once again cover the latest shenanigans of Silicone Valley. Stay awesome! 

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