Looking for Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing? Hire Journalists for True Success

Dec 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM


The blogs that took hours to write, yet no one read them. The premium content offer you branded beautifully, yet no one noticed. The web page that dutifully outlines all of your features, yet no one has seen it.  

Yes, it’s true that Content is King, but often it can make you feel like a court jester, playing the role of the fool. Luckily, you can improve your content marketing results in a way you may not have thought of — by hiring a journalist.  

How can this lead to more success? Let’s dive in to find out. 

An Evolving Landscape, Where Content Is King

Marketers are great at many things — creating charts for damn near everything, developing neat little funnels for buyers to fit into, compiling and analyzing so much data it would make the majority of Berkshire Hathaway faint. You name it, and 99 out of 100 times they can do it. Unfortunately, many of today’s marketing gurus aren’t experts in one of the most critical areas in our current digital environment — content creation.

Why? Marketers excel at MARKETING a product, and in the past, you could do that without telling much of a story. All you needed was enough “space.” Feature a product enough on billboards, televisions, and in the pages of a well-read magazine, and call it a day. The audience would come running. In the digital age, the rules have changed.

With the internet, “space” is no longer a factor. You can cheaply and easily create a slew of web pages, forms, blogs, and the like. Instead, today’s challenge for marketers is “attention.” Sure you have a website, a blog, maybe even a few YouTube videos, but is anyone noticing?

If the content isn’t superior, then chances are the answer is “no.”

Meet the New Kingmakers

So, in an age when content means more than fancy logos, product placement, and even pie charts, where do you turn? For some of the world’s leading advertising and marketing agencies, the answer is a simple one — journalists. It’s not just ahead-of-the-curve agencies that have reached this conclusion; it’s also incredibly respected thought leaders in the academic and business world. Take, for example, the Harvard Business Review.

Alexander Jutkowit writes in the prestigious publication, “We are, at present, in the midst of a historic transformation for brands and companies everywhere – and it centers on content…where trained journalists and writers are in the best position to synthesize information, capture a reader's attention, and uphold a critical editorial standard.” 

What Makes Journalists So Good?

The most obvious answer is that journalists know how to tell a good story. They understand what will strike a chord in people, and most often they are writing to elicit a reaction – whether it’s societal reform, motivating constituents, or simply educating the republic.

Second, they’re pretty excellent at getting to the point. Chances are, you’re pretty busy and so is everyone else you’re marketing to. Journalists know how to get to the meat of an article without losing any of the story. And, perhaps most importantly, you can train a good writer to become a marketer much easier than you can teach a good marketer to become a writer. 

Hire the Right Kind of Journalist

To yield the best results, it usually makes sense to hire a journalist with significant online experience. This is for many reasons, some of which include:

• Journalists with online expertise generally understand keywords, SEO, and how to optimize an article for the web in a responsible fashion

• They also understand how to write a headline that’s share-worthy across social platforms

• They comprehend the importance of deadlines and can adapt quickly

• They come to the table with at least a basic understanding of web analytics (Google Analytics, Statcounter, Alexa, etc.)

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