Using Graphic Design to Improve SEO and Brand Awareness

Sep 29, 2014 8:21:00 PM

Seeking a Design

Has this happened to you?

You need some great design work for your marketing materials. You find a designer, review their portfolio, interview and hire them. You communicate your project requirements to the designer and are confident the designs that will be created will knock the ball out of the park. You are excited to receive your first drafts then -> BOOM!

Total disappointment.

The design work is not only out of scope but unfathomable.

Using Good Design to Your Advantageseo-and-web-design

The importance of good design is often underestimated. Every business should keep in mind that it can benefit from good design decisions and suffer from bad ones.

Good design is vital for delivering competitive services and products to the market as well as making your brand stand out from the crowd. Your brand should reflect the very best of your business. When bad design decisions are taken, no matter how good your services are, it can destroy your business faster than you can imagine.

Every business has a product or something to offer. You should always clearly define and tell your customers who you are and how you stand out from your competitors. Is it the quality of your product, the lowest price on the market or the high quality of service and support in the industry? You HAVE to capture this value proposition and use design to broadcast this message to your audience.

Good Design Captures and Enhances the Value of your Business 

When used wisely, design gives customers a reason for buying from you and not from your competitors. Design also adds value to products and services. Clients are often ready to pay more for products that are well designed and aesthetically appealing.

One of the most important elements of your brand awareness is your website. So how do you build your website to get the most of it? There are several key factors to a good website:

  • Amazing designs
  • Great logos
  • Easy navigation
  • Updated content
  • Conspicuous

When designing a new website, you should always search for the compromise between fantastic design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A key dilemma is whether the focus should be on fantastic Design and User Experience (UX), or on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are many cases where mind-blowing animated design negatively affects the site's SEO.

What to Stay Away From

Here's a list of the most common mistakes a designer can make when they don't consider SEO:

  • Lack of breadcrumbs for easy navigation
  • Unresponsive site or pages (lack of mobile version of site or pages)
  • Using frames
  • Improper 404 Page
  • Heavy use of Flash
  • Improper video embedding
  • Too many Pop-Ups

A Point Worth Emaphasizing

Good design captures and enhances the value of your business. It's a point worth emphasizing. Keep your designs simple, serene and appealing. Coupled with great content, good designs will verify your credibility and thus sell your product/service for you before actual contact with your prospective customer.

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