Social Media Interview Questions to Ask an Agency or New Employee

Sep 5, 2013 2:40:00 AM

The Situation

SocialMediaIn speaking with a local business owner today, he indicated to me that he had set up a Facebook Fan page for his company one year ago - because it was considered taboo to not have one - and that 70 of his friends had "liked" his page - one year ago. Today he still has 70 "likes" because he has not utilized the tool the way he could/should have.

Social Media Bandwagon

I suspect that many small- to medium-sized businesses have a similar story, and perhaps that is why so many traditional advertising agencies have jumped on the bandwagon over the past few years to offer Social Media Marketing packages and SEO.

If you happen across one of these, be prepared with a list of interview questions for them (see below). You may not be the one utilizing these tools for your company, therefore, you need to be certain you have assistance from a group of people who understand how social media "fits" into your overall inbound marketing strategy. 

Content and Social Media

You see, social media is not a stand alone strategy. If you try to implement a social media campaign without a content strategy, or without first determining what you want out of it, you many end up feeling like your ROI was not good enough; you may end up with hollow efforts.

Integrated nicely into a bigger picture, social media can be a very powerful tool to help with branding, positioning and ... are you ready ... *lead generation.*

Interview Questions to Ask an Agency or a New Employee

  • Which social media platforms are the best fit for our type of business? And how do you know? 
  • Do you have case studies indicating how a social media campaign will impact our key performance indicators from businesses similar to ours?
  • How often should we participate and whom from within our company should participate?
  • Who will manage the social media accounts and which aggregration management software should be used?
  • What metrics will you use to report our progress and judge our success?
  • How and how often will that be communicated to us?


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