Skip the Aggressive Sales Hunting and Just Be Real

Apr 22, 2014 10:29:00 AM

Building Relationships - Just Be RealWhen it comes to generating more revenue, the foundation is essentially building relationships, not becoming a more aggressive sales hunter. There’s a lot of research on neuromarketing and how the brain works – and we use this from a marketing perspective to understand how to better communicate with our prospects to build relationships.

Are You Valuable?

When your company culture seeks to understand the needs of prospects and respond to them through product development and service innovation, then you have something of value to offer.

Product development and service innovation is about solving the problems of your prospects.

Marketing, then, becomes about educating and informing your prospects about how your product or service will

  • solve their problems
  • make their lives easier
  • make them happy
  • make them money

Traditionally speaking, marketing was notorious for “selling a load of crap” through marketing messages – and consumers, without Google at their fingertips, often bought in. The problem with that today is that consumers are savvy – and they have information readily available to do their own research. 

Buyers Can Smell Phony a Mile Away

When you create an online presence for your company, it is literally impossible to hide behind the web. If you choose to be online, you better also choose to be real, to be transparent, to be honest, to be genuine, to be authentic … to be helpful, to be meaningful, to make a difference, to do something remarkable!  Consumers can smell phony and false claims right through their computer monitors.

A Few Tips on How to Be Real and Valuable

Develop Your Own Company Voice

Your voice is a strong asset. Does your company have a personality? Is your voice consistent? One of our clients,, has an exceptionally strong company voice – and it’s consistent across all avenues of communication. Their blog is fun to read, their website UX is fun to experience, and on their social media sites – you feel like you know them personally. That kind of company voice builds loyal customers.

Have Fun!

Neuromarketing research tells us that our brains respond more fully when we’re having fun! And, believe it or not, even the most serious of brands can inject a fun tone into marketing. A business partner of Puma Creative wrote an enlightening white paper entitled Jump Start Your Sales Brain; it dives into how to light up your brain to attract good relationships that can result in sales and new business partnerships.

Be Transparent – Be Who You Are

Seriously. Get real. Put yourself out there. Let prospects see who you are. Are you a small company trying to look like a public company? You could be doing yourself a disservice. We work with a hosted PBX provider in the San Francisco Bay area – who LOVES being the small local guy instead of one of the (also local) publicly traded companies. And guess what we discovered – there are many consumers who are actually “looking” for the small local guy for more personalized service.  

“Have a Dang Opinion” 

Marcus Sheridan, the renowned pool guy, turned inbound marketing genius has been heard saying, “Have a dang opinion.” People will respect you for standing up for what you believe. If you’re wishy-washy or ordinary, that may be interpreted as BORING, dull and unsure of what you bring to the table.  Put yourself out there. See what happens. 

Solve Problems for Your Prospects

The best web developer I know, Paul Wheeler, told me one time several years ago he figured out a quick & easy way to code something that generally took many hours. He blogged about it, showing other developers “how-to” do it – and almost immediately gained a following and many comments. Being helpful and educating builds credibility and trust – and that, my friends, is real value. Too many companies and brands like to talk about their products or services  - and too few remember that it’s not about your products – it’s about your customers and helping them solve problems.

To sum it all up – the “selling a load of crap” approach will only get you so far. There may be a few who buy it – but we know that is equivalent to building a house on sinking sand. As stated earlier, when your company culture involves relationship-building and you can see your role as helping and giving, rather than selling – you will be perceived as real and valuable in the marketplace. The savvy consumers who know how to use Google will appreciate your authenticity, and often reward it with loyalty and respect.

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