Give Your Inbound Marketing Strategy a Boost with These Five Core Principles

Aug 9, 2016 1:21:00 PM

Give your Inbound Marketing Strategy a Boost!You know that inbound marketing is incredibly effective. According to a recent HubSpot’s ROI Report, 92.34 percent of companies using inbound marketing have increased web traffic – 40 percent of those surveyed reported an increase of 75 percent or more. Inbound marketing works and works well if you know how to maximize your return on content.

Here are five core principles we recommend to boost the effectiveness of any inbound marketing program:

  1. Write to Your Buyer Personas (You May Have A Few)
    Know your target audience. Use marketing personas to define your niche markets and better understand who your target customers are. Be sure that every piece of content is written with a customer in mind. If you have customers with different needs or interests, then write for each of them in turn, but create content that is interesting and relevant.

  2. Create Problem-Solution Focused Content (Not Product Focused)
    Inbound marketing requires you to use every bit of content to make a connection. Remember that your inbound marketing program is designed to engage, not sell. Customers don’t care what you have to offer; they only care about what they need. Be sure to write to your customers’ needs, not your products’ features and functions. 

  3. Create Greater Quality Content to Yield Greater Lead Conversion
    Understand how the quality of your content has a direct relationship to higher conversions. Now that everyone is embarking on inbound marketing, there is more content noise than ever. To make sure your inbound marketing program cuts through the noise, you need higher-quality content. The better the quality of your information, the higher your lead conversion rate.

  4. Include Calls-to-Actions -- Every. Single. Time. You. Publish.
    Every piece of content you use as part of your inbound marketing strategy needs a call to action, and means to convert web visitors. You will use content to drive social media attention and create a trail of breadcrumbs across the web that leads back to your web site. To get followers to follow the trail of breadcrumbs, every piece of content needs to include a call to action with a link back to an offer or some means of asking for more information.

  5. Align Your Content Offers with Various Stages of the Buying Process
    Understand how your content aligns with your sales funnel. Your inbound marketing program should support the steps in your sales process, starting with the top of the sales funnel (ToFu), then building engagement with the middle of the funnel (MoFu), and closing the sale at the bottom of the funnel (BoFu). Each piece of inbound marketing content needs to nurture a lead at a point in the sales process – with content to explain what your customer needs (ToFu), why they need it from you (MoFu), and why they need it now (BoFu). 

Inbound marketing is your best strategy for lead generation, if you understand the rules. Always remember to know your audience and give them a reason to connect with you. Respect your customers by giving them quality content and help them make a buying decision by leading them to a decision and giving them an opportunity to engage at each step.


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