Disrupting the Market: Three Things Disrupters like HubSpot Do Differently

Nov 21, 2017 3:32:25 PM


Michelle Obama. Billy Jean King. Brené Brown. INBOUND17 was filled with world-class speakers who shared powerful messages. With so much amazing content it can often be hard for some speeches to stand out, but that wasn’t the case for HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan. If you haven’t seen his keynote, which was preceded by a short film featuring puppets driving a Tesla, then you can – and should – check it out here. His address was packed with so much content, we decided to focus on just one area – the three distinct traits of market disrupters.

Let’s take a closer look at each trait!

How They Sell > What They Sell

When you take a look at significant disrupters, like Apple, Netflix, and Uber, you can see that it’s about HOW they are selling and not WHAT they are selling. It’s incredibly easy for a great product to be disrupted. But, excellent services that master the end-to-end user experience are much more durable.

How HubSpot Accomplishes This: HubSpot’s entire business model is based on inbound, NOT outbound, methodology. The two practices couldn’t be further apart. HubSpot doesn’t waste their sales team's time by making cold calls to businesses; they focus on creating remarkable content that actually helps people. Instead of following the old mantra, Always Be Selling, their mission is to Always Be Helping!

Light Touch > Heavy Touch

It may not be a popular fact, but light touch and automation perform better than heavy touch by humans. Self-service works for everyone. In addition to improving your bottom line, customers prefer this over the heavy-handed approach of yesteryear.

How HubSpot Accomplishes This: One of the most amazing features about HubSpot is how robust and integrated their automation systems are. From creating workflows that send pre-written emails when certain criteria are met to mastering the art of predictive lead scoring, the platform truly distinguishes itself from the competition. To quote another tech innovator, Steve Jobs, “it just works.”

Word of Mouth > Word of Seller

The third and most important differentiator between market disrupters and, well, everyone else, is they realize Word of Mouth is ten times better than the Word of a Seller. This is for a number of important reasons, but one of the biggest is this: when customers brag about the quality of service to their friends, families, and peers, the message actually resonates. If you were looking to buy a car, would you trust the dealership’s review over your friend who actually owns the vehicle? Of course not!

How HubSpot Accomplishes This: HubSpot has created an end-to-end user experience their customers – including us – love! Further, they are continually evolving and upgrading the products and services they offer so that businesses can stay ahead of the curve. And, finally, they have so much faith in their products and services, they provide free versions of their software to everyone.

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