Being No. 1 on Google is Not Your Most Important Marketing Goal

Feb 26, 2014 11:09:00 AM

What's your No 1 Marketing Priority for Your Business!Yes, the lure of being number 1 on Google sounds appealing, but it shouldn't be your number one marketing goal. If you're the least bit interested in Search Engine Optimization, you've probably spent some time researching the most effective ways to optimize your website.  And if you're like a lot of people we hear from, you may admit there is so much information out there about how to "do SEO" and much of it is conflicting.  How do you discern what actually works and what is detrimental to your ranking?

At Puma Creative, we recommend that instead of asking the question, "How do we rank first on Google?" that you look at your marketing, website and search engine optimization from a more holistic perspective. Think about it - what is it you are really trying to accomplish?  Most of you would say (I hope) to grow your business, to increase revenue, or to get more customers. That's the bottom line. 

So to do that, to use your online presence to impact your revenue, there are several things you should consider.

Prospects Won't Be Sold a Load of Crap

We all know that consumerism has evolved and the marketing playbook from 5 or 10 years ago just isn't as effective today. We know that buyers are more in control now than they've ever been - and that they are really good researchers. Savvy buyers come to the table informed! The implication for businesses is - if you want to win the trust of the savvy buyer - educate them. Provide valuable, educational information to help them make their buying decision. Don't sell them a load of crap - I promise - they'll see through it. Be genuine, be real, be transparent - and be willing to give. 

You Need to Build Trust and Credibility

An effective way to educate your prospects is to create and publish content on your website that is problem- and solution-based. As you create content, keep it focused on your consumer, not on your product. Address the problems your prospects have - make them feel like - yes - you understand what they are going through!  The use of neuromarketing to create a connection with your prospects is innovative and effective - and will likely build greater trust and credibility. 

There are Many Ways to Educate and Inform Your Prospects

Depending on who your prospects are (their buying habits, the types of websites they frequent, their interests, etc.) and the voice and style of your company culture, you can consider creating and publishing various types of content in various places on the web. Would clever, witty content appeal more to your prospects, or serious, academic writing? Would humor and heartfelt stories catch your prospects' attention, or is your type of business more technical in nature? Do you need to tailor your content style to multiple buyers? These are all questions to consider BEFORE you develop a style and begin to create content.

However, regardless of your voice and style - we know that content needs to be remarkable and valuable to stand out among all the noise!  We also know that when you tell a good story with your content - it is much more relatable. So go ahead - paint a vivid picture for your prospects ... that let's them know 1) you understand their problems, 2) they are not alone, and 3) they can trust you to help solve their problems. 

Your Content Creation Will Enable Your SEO

If your content helps solve the problems of your prospects - and empowers them to be savvy buyers - it will likely ALSO enable your SEO strategy.  As you write about the things your prospects are researching, you're creating valuable content - on your website - that will likely be searched by your prospects - which will, in turn, help them find you. Long-tail keywords (longer search phrases that are more specific) help you get found by exactly the right prospects who are looking for your exact solution. 

Learn early on to think like your prospect. What are their problems, what questions do they have, and which words and phrases are they likely using to find answers? 

Those questions should drive your keyword strategy and help you develop your editorial calendar. 

The purpose of your entire marketing effort is to generate revenue for your business. We know that when you are VALUABLE and you educate consumers, you build credibility and trust - and people are more likely to do business with you. Develop a company culture of being valuable, and communicate that to your prospects by creating amazing content and delivering it to your prospects online. The right content with the right value proposition will get you found by your buyers who are searching for exactly what you have to offer. 

Not sure where to begin?  Puma Creative offers a free 15 minute marketing effectiveness consultation - click the button below!

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