8 Way Cool Apps for Productivity and Pleasure

Sep 4, 2013 5:47:00 AM

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available in the various marketplaces. Here's a few we think are cool ... and of course, increase our productivity and effectiveness as awesome marketing pros ;-)

(1) Dropbox 

DropboxIf you are not using Dropbox, you are missing out.  Dropbox is a web-based file hosting service that syncs your files with all the computers you use - work, home, desktop, laptop - as well as with your tablets and mobile devices.  Not only do I have all my important files with me everywhere I go, it is extremely simple to "share" folders with others. What makes this app cool is that you can share one folder with one group of people, and another folder with a different group of people. No longer do I need to worry about sending large files through email or uploading them on ftp servers. I simply add them to my Dropbox. 

If you aren't using Dropbox yet and would like to sign up for free file storage, click here

(2) Evernote

EvernoteEvernote is a digital shoebox to hold notes, voice memos, photos, scans, pdfs, etc. You can tag items and put them into different virtual shoeboxes to keep forever. I use Evernote every single day. The real beauty of this app is how everything is searchable, including words in pdfs and photos, making it so simple to find anything anytime.  You can download browser plugins to clip webpages to Evernote, and also email items to Evernote. Further, you can share notebooks with others - if they also use Evernote. 

Evernote syncs automatically between devices, so you can use the web version, the local app on your laptop/desktop, and the mobile versions on your tablets and phones. 

(3) Dragon Dictation


Dragon Dictation is a voice dictation app that is very accurate. I use Dragon on my iPhone and iPad. Generally, I use this app to write my blog posts, and/or to write emails while I'm driving - even lengthy ones. I simply speak into my device to capture my thoughts, and then email myself the text to edit once I'm back to my computer. The Dragon Naturally Speaking software for your computer generally costs between $99-$599, and is much more robust. The mobile version - Dragon Dictate - however, is a free app in the iTunes App store


(4) RedLaser

RedLaserThe RedLaser App allows you to scan a barcode on an item while you're shopping to see the price of the item. In addition, it shows you many other stores within a designated radius that also have the item in stock, along with the price at the other retailers. RedLaser can also be used to scan QR codes.

Further, RedLader is used for product information such as reviews and ratings.  Over 2 million people have downloaded this comparison shopping app. 


(5) Snapseed

SnapseedSnapseed is a very freaking cool photo editing app. You can very quickly edit photos to crop, tune, straighten or color correct, but that is just the beginning. The latest update to Snapseed also allows you to selectively adjust your images in greater detail, adjust the center focus, apply hundreds of filters (including dramatic, vintage, black and white and grunge, to name a few) and apply borders and frames. 

Note: The SnapSeed app costs $20 in the iTunes App Store. But it is well worth the cost if you are an avid-amateur photographer using your iPhone or iPad. As a matter of fact, Snapseed won Apple's 2011 App of the Year Award!

(6) Lemon

LemonI use Lemon to organize and keep track of my business expenses. Within the app, you can scan receipts and the app will parse the data into the correct fields for date, description, amount and category, while also keeping a digital image of your original receipt. Further, the Lemon app provides reports with graphs and charts to see where and how you are spending. 

This app is a great way to reduce the clutter and keep track of expenses as you go.


(7) Starbucks

StarbucksYes, I am promoting the Starbucks app!  With this app, I simply walk up to the barista, place my order, and then scan my phone on their register wand to pay for my drink. The app provides a barcode on the screen that allows me to pay - and the funds are debited immediately from my Starbucks gift card via the app. In addition to this ultimate convenience, the apps allows you to make and save customized drinks that you and your friends drink, peruse the nutritional value of your favorite drink, manage rewards for your loyalty, and of course - add more funds to your card. 


(8) DocuSign Ink

DocuSignDocuSign Ink is my official electronic signature app. It enables you to receive a document on any device, open it in DocuSign, apply your official electronic signature, save it, and instantly send the document back to the sender. Additionally, you can snap a quick picture of a document and add a digital signature as well. This type of cloud-based signature and delivery method is secure and trusted by more than 10 million people globally. As an added security, you can link to your offical DocuSign ID card so your recipients can verify your digital signature is indeed yours.

DocuSign is available online as well as on most mobile devices.  It also integrates nicely with Salesforce.com and other CRMs.


What apps have I missed?  Please leave a note below and let me know your favorites for Productivity and Pleasure!

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